What MTP Does


Providing Assistance to the Health Professional Community

MTP was established to confidentially assist health professionals who have problems that can cause impairment (including substance related disorders, psychiatric problems, behavioral problems, physical disabilities, and others). Referrals to the program undergo assessment, participate in appropriate treatment, and monitoring to assure compliance with ongoing care.

The program provides individual treatment planning, and monitoring. The monitoring record provides the participant, as well as any party needing reports, with documentation of participation, progress or interventions of problems, and status of program completion. This provides the MTP participant with documentation of participation and progress that can be used to support licensure, credentialing, mal-practice insurance, and other areas of personal and professional needs.

As a continuing care program that provides a unique understanding of the personal and professional issues that impact recovery, MTP utilizes referral sources who can help the participant deal with those specific areas. MTP believes that professional treatment is essential to the success of professional recovery because of the ability to address issues unique to the professional.

This information not only provides support while participating in MTP, but after discharge also.

MTP provides the following services to Individuals:

  • Assessment
  • Development of Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Referrals to resources that most closely matches client’s diagnosis
  • Follow-up of referrals
  • Establishment of a monitoring program to track participation in treatment plan
  • Monitoring participation in treatment plan
  • Report to referral sources and/or sources requested by participant.

MTP provides the services to employment/practice settings:

  • Consultation on referral process
  • How to make a referral to MTP
  • Difference between formal and informal referrals
  • Expectations on assessment process
  • Education, presentations and training.
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