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The New Mexico Monitored Treatment Program (MTP) provides CONFIDENTIAL services statewide for health professionals with substance abuse, mental health, physical health impairment and workplace issues. MTP was started, in 1986, by the New Mexico Medical Society’s Physician Aid Committee (PAC). Over the years the program has grown and changed to meet the needs of the health care community.

MTP staff are specially trained, licensed and qualified professionals providing assessment, referral, follow-up, treatment planning, monitoring and reporting, as well as community outreach, education, presentation and consultation to a variety of settings.

The MTP Board of Directors provides program quality and fiscal oversight and meets on a quarterly basis. Board Members are individuals from the health care field who have special interest and/or expertise in the services MTP provides. Some of the members may be in recovery from substance abuse or mental illness, some are active in the practice of healthcare and others retired. All have a sincere interest in assuring the health care profession has a program that can provide services to assist in obtaining help for his/her diagnosis and providing a monitoring record that provides support for participation in MTP.

Senate Bill 309 (Impaired Health Provider Act) was passed in 1987, which allows a system for both the licensing agency and the individual health professional an ability to obtain assistance, protect the public, be evaluated for impairment and to provide a mechanism for the professional to surrender his or her license in order to obtain recovery. It also allows for licensing entities to assess a fee as part of each license renewal fee to create a fund for contracting with an organization to provide treatment, monitoring and advocacy for recovering health professionals.

The New Mexico Medical Board contracts with MTP through a competitive bidding process, through a release of a request for proposal (RFP) for services. MTP had bid on each published RFP and has been awarded the contract each time, the most recent award was for fiscal year 2009-10. Other health professional boards also contract with MTP for services.

MTP being a statewide program has identified population centers around the state. MTP staff make regular visits to these population centers to meet with participants from around that area for follow-up. Also during these visits, MTP staff will meet with local health care institutions, professional societies, contracted professional referral sources, and others.

MTP staff have expertise by training and experience in addictions, mental illness, behavioral issues, monitoring and are knowledgeable about health professional practice and employment settings. MTP maintains a Physician Medical Director and Medical Review Officer (MRO), a Licensed Clinician at the independent level, and A Masters level Executive Director.

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